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Gifts from the heart...a loving daughter's tribute to her father.


I’m so glad you came to visit my website! This is a new adventure for me --- one born from both joy and sadness.

The beach has always played a big part in my life. The oldest of six children, I always spent summers with my family on the North Carolina shore, even after I was grown, married, and had children of my own. It was a magical time of relaxing, laughing, playing games, and simply enjoying one another.

My father died unexpectedly from a stroke in 2003. No one had a bigger heart than Dad. One day when I was alone at the beach, I noticed that my flip flops, randomly kicked off in the sand, were lying in a heart-like position, one heel on top of the other, and the tops slightly apart. In that “AHA!” moment, my Flip Flop Heart™ was born. I knew immediately that both of my heavenly fathers had inspired this vision, one that I proudly share with you now.

To honor and preserve Dad’s legacy, I designed the Flip Flop Heart™ pendant. It’s a reminder to live as my father lived: taking life less seriously; enjoying every moment we are given; and generously sharing our time and love with others.

My Flip Flop Heart™ design is also available in a variety of note cards, appropriate for those special occasions when your message comes straight from the heart, as well as prints that are guaranteed to warm your heart!

May this Flip Flop Heart™ be a reminder that we always have hope…because our footprints are never alone in the sand.

Now, please come on in and visit the Flip Flop Heart™ with me.


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